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According the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, ALL healthcare facilities and entities are REQUIRED BY LAW to protect the privacy of PHI (protected health information) of its patients, employees and vendors. This legal precedent is a critical component of an overarching federal healthcare patient privacy policy known as HIPAA or the Health Insurance Patient Privacy Act.

According the HIPAA: “Covered entities are not permitted to simply abandon PHI or dispose of it in dumpsters or other containers that are accessible by the public or other unauthorized persons.

The federal government has put forth legal groundwork requiring that patient healthcare data must be destroyed in a manner that guarantees the privacy of patient information.

shred confidential documents

Dumping them in the trash is not only irresponsible, IT’S AGAINST THE LAW!

Shred-All is your most secure and trusted choice to ensure that your company stays on the right side of the law by securely destroying critical patient documents and data. We are the premier provider of document shredding/destruction services in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We can ensure that your business remains HIPPA compliant by ensuring that your business and patient information is securely destroyed.