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Secure, professional, and compliant

These are more than just words at Shred-All. They are the pillars of our commercial document shredding services in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Shred-All offers on-site shredding services with our advanced destruction trucks right at your business premises in a secure, transparent manner. Experience the safety of having all paper documents shredded immediately, on-the-spot. We don’t just swap out full bins for empty ones; we ensure contents are thoroughly destroyed on-site and then hand back your empty container.

Who Should Use Professional Shredding Services?

  • Medical Facilities: Patient records and health details require strict adherence to privacy laws.
  • Law Firms: Client records, case details, and confidential correspondences are the backbone of legal practices, making their secure disposal crucial.
  • Financial Institutions: From credit card statements to loan applications, the financial data housed here is a gold mine for identity thieves.
  • Educational Institutions: Student records, staff data, and academic research are valuable assets that need protection.
  • Real Estate Firms: Property deeds, client details, and transaction records must be handled with care.
  • Retailers: Customer data, transaction records, and vendor agreements can become liabilities if not disposed of properly.

Commercial On-Site Document Shredding

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Shred-All isn’t just a shredding service — it’s a partnership in ensuring your business’ security and compliance. Request a quote today to fortify your document disposal strategy.


Connect with a real person, not an automated system. When you reach out to us, you speak directly to an owner. We do NOT outsource our services.


Simplistic billing: we bill by the volume of material we destroy. No fuel surcharges, container delivery or rental charges, etc.


Ensure your business meets HIPAA compliance with our secure document destruction services, safeguarding business and patient information with utmost precision.


We embrace a greendocument management philosophy. Obliterated and shredded material is recycled back into new paper products.

Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

Professional Shredding is Essential for Businesses

In today’s digital age, the importance of safeguarding sensitive information cannot be overstated. Every business, irrespective of its size or domain, accumulates a vast amount of sensitive documents over time. These can range from client data and financial reports to proprietary information and strategic plans.

  1. Risk of Identity Theft and Data Breaches: Without professional shredding, businesses expose themselves to significant risks. Identity theft and data breaches can wreak havoc, leading to financial losses, legal issues, and a tarnished reputation.

  2. Legal Obligations: It’s not just about business integrity; there are stringent legal requirements in place. Many industries are bound by regulations that mandate the proper disposal of sensitive data. Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and legal complications.

  3. Protecting Client Trust: Clients entrust businesses with their data, expecting them to uphold stringent security measures. Proper disposal of such data reassures clients, building trust and strengthening business relationships.

  4. Operational Efficiency: Storing obsolete documents can be cumbersome and can clutter up valuable office space. Regular, professional shredding ensures that only essential documents are retained, streamlining operations.

  5. Environmentally Responsible: Modern professional shredding services, like Shred-All, don’t just destroy documents. They ensure the remnants are recycled, underlining a commitment to sustainability.

  6. Ensuring Competitive Advantage: Proprietary information, if fallen into the wrong hands, can provide competitors with an undue advantage. Protecting business secrets is not just about strategy but about survival.

In essence, professional shredding isn’t just a choice—it’s an imperative. Businesses that prioritize secure document destruction not only align with best practices but also fortify their reputation, ensure compliance, and underscore their commitment to clients and the environment.

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One of our core strengths is that we're rooted right here in Northeastern, PA. We understand the unique needs of our community, and we don't outsource. Every shred, every truck, and every technician is part of our close-knit, trusted team.

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