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Commercial On-Site Document Shredding

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Safeguarding sensitive information for 14+ years.

In today’s business landscape, the importance of safeguarding sensitive documents is paramount. Whether you’re handling financial statements, client records, or proprietary information, ensuring that these documents are securely disposed of is not just a best practice – it’s essential.

As proud family owned business in Moscow PA, our focus has always been clear: the safe and secure management of your vital documents. With a foundation grounded in trust and commitment, it’s no surprise that numerous businesses and individuals in the Northeastern PA region view us as their premier partner for confidential document disposal.


Connect with a real person, not an automated system. When you reach out to us, you speak directly to an owner. We do NOT outsource our services.


Simplistic billing: we bill by the volume of material we destroy. No fuel surcharges, container delivery or rental charges, etc.


Ensure your business meets HIPAA compliance with our secure document destruction services, safeguarding business and patient information with utmost precision.


We embrace a greendocument management philosophy. Obliterated and shredded material is recycled back into new paper products.


On-Site Paper Shredding

On-site document destruction ensures maximum security, transparency, and convenience for our clients.

Our process is simple: Our mobile shred truck arrives at your business location. Our trained technicians then transfer the contents of your secure container into the shredder, instantly and securely destroying your documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Experience unparalleled transparency with our industry-leading destruction process. We guarantee 100% security and confidentiality. Upon request, clients receive a Certificate of Destruction, confirming all records have been securely obliterated.

There is not a minimum amount, but there is a minimum charge, usually based on location.

Yes! It is recycled. We shred your documents at your location in our state of the art mobile shred trucks. Once it is destroyed, we take the shredded material to local recyclers. One of the reasons we ask our customers to keep trash and other contaminants out of our shredding containers is to ensure we are able to recycle it at a high grade. White office paper is recycled back into paper products ranging from office paper to toilet paper. A small amount of contaminants can cause that paper to be rejected for recycling purposes.

Depending on volume, we are generally able to schedule one-time service within 5-7 business days.